Tailorwall is a wallpaper project studied to create tailor-made wallpapers based on a new concept: authentic artisan works of art and pure furnishing, in order to create a contemporary, functional, design product which gives a rational feel and resolves the problem of empty spaces. Tailorwall wallpaper can be customised to any measurement and artistic requirement, and combines fashion, graphic elements and architecture; aesthetic materials, textiles and decorations which combine functionality with the need for the rational organisation of spaces, in order to transform them into unique, personal, innovative complements which are able to give both striking and harmonious results.

The wallpapers are designed to furnish an area which is in need of identity, giving character and emotion to any environment. Choose one of our designs, or realise your own, and we will carry through the productive process, from the hand printing to hand production, so that you can then hang your chosen paper with great ease.

Tailorwall was founded to give you the possibility to decorate your living area in an easy, fun way, giving free rain to your creativity. Our philosophy is based on the exclusiveness of the Made in Italy brand and on the personalization of one's ideas. You can always stay in touoh with us by subscribing to our newsletter or by following us on the social networks. If you still have doubts write to us at the mail address support@tailorwall.com

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