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How do I put up your wallpaper

  1. Check the material matches the order.
  2. Make sure the wall is dry and free of dust, any residue from old wallpaper and grease. Smooth and preferably white or light coloured.
  3. Cut the paper adding on 5-10 cm more than the height of the wall.
  4. Prepare the adhesive and apply it directly to the wall or wallpaper with a short-haired wool roller.
  5. Apply the paper: place the paper on the wall by letting it drop down. Start from the top and place the sheet on the wall, descending slowly. If the paper is not applied perfectly, remove and reposition it. When the sheet is glued on, brush it to eliminate any air bubbles, starting from the top, working your way downwards, and from the centre towards the outer edges. Continue in this way, lining up all the sheets.
  6. Trim the excess.

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