Etereal 02

Floral Wallpaper

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Etereal 02 Floral Wallpaper


Ethereal is the Tailorwall wallpaper that combines two unusual elements to create a delicate and sophisticated feel. The geometric shapes that appear in the background with barely-defined, subtle and delicate outlines merge with the eighteenth-century botanical prints. The result is somewhere between a herbarium and fragments of a watercolour that layer to create delicate transparent detailing on the edges. Ethereal is the bright and original wallpaper that combines elements to provide a feeling of utter elegance, enveloping rooms with its white tones and understated glamour.

Natural patterns: flowers, leaves, trees, exotic animals and distant horizons. Light mists and sensual floral pairings, soft orchids, vines, English roses, lilies and mellow bouquets: Ethereal has a garden blooming in every room thanks to the forest floor motifs, leaves, sheer detailing and layering that become room décor, conveying an authentic autumn scene or transforming into structured, geometric patterns. The romantic aura, illustrations and fractal geometry merge to create extraordinary backdrops, giving life to a striking, contemporary design that works best on large wall spaces and is suitable for a range of uses.

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  • Category: Nature
  • Code: TW0086-2
  • Colour: coloured
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