Ethereal 01

Artistic Wallpaper

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Ethereal 01 Artistic Wallpaper


Mysterious shadows. Ethereal is a sophisticated wallpaper from London Art: a soft expanse of damask fabric in warm golden hues intertwines with the shadows, creating an almost sculptural and neoclassical draped detailing. This wallpaper is elegant and boasts soft, lush and lavish lines: the motifs of the curtains, of the fine damask fabric and of the brocade merge with one another to create a wallpaper that can be used to decorate any room where meticulous sophistication is the goal.

Classical style as a design element: arabesque, marble and damask accents and details from times gone by. Ethereal is part of a Tailorwall wallpaper line that features motifs, friezes, frescos and boiserie panelling – classic, baroque elements that create a harmonious design. It represents a collection of antique, euphonic shades that are sublime for adding a glamorous, retro touch to your décor. These decorations are almost tactile and feature vintage material elements, such as marble, arabesques, stable geometries, pottery and damask fabrics. Meticulous research has gone into classic motifs, engravings and repetitions, faithfully reproducing them to create designs that skilfully combine vintage details overflowing with authentic architectural elements and modern spaces.

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  • Category: Decoration
  • Code: TW0014-1
  • Colour: yellow
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