Intense breathing 02

Forest-Themed Wallpaper

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Intense breathing 02 Forest-Themed Wallpaper


An intense and evocative photographic theme: Intense Breathing is the artistic forest-themed wallpaper from Tailorwall that lends depth and verdant poetry to rooms. The expanse of lush green firs with their dark, intense undertones contrasts with the foggy, mist-filled sky, creating a feeling of freshness, height and freedom. With Intense Breathing  it will be like having a small mountainous spot that conveys a pure Nordic feel right in the middle of your room. It is sure to make all walls spectacular and unforgettable.

Unique photographic patterns that exude an utterly designer feel: this wallpaper is part of a line that combines grand natural, forest-themed photographic elements featuring rich, saturated colours with vintage and more modern allure, which is always in harmony with the lines and backdrops that boast unadulterated design. This is how spectacular wallpaper that meets the needs of a wide and varied range of moods and styles is created: every space, every room, every wall is embellished by a story, by inspiration and by graphic elements that have been designed for all kinds of rooms.

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  • Category: Nature
  • Code: TW0011-2
  • Colour: blue
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    We guarantee you maximum quality in conformity with the certifications:
    ➔ FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) for environmental protection
    ➔ Oeko-text Standard 100 as a guarantee for the use of products that are non-toxic for human use
    ➔ EC labelling, in conformity with EU directives on emissions of formaldehyde, heavy metals and other dangerous substances.
    ➔ Fire safety

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