Lost in the woods 01

Photographic Forest-Themed Wallpaper

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Lost in the woods 01 Photographic Forest-Themed Wallpaper


This wallpaper will have you dreaming. Surround yourself with the fairytale feel that will transport you back to your childhood to find a dreamlike space in your everyday life. Lost In The Woods is a wallpaper that concentrates on drawing strokes to create a fairytale cartoon aesthetic where magnificent trees are enveloped by suffuse, magical night-time light. This fanciful wallpaper will add the right fairytale dose to every room with its mysterious tones, clearly illuminated by small light details and tonal shades of delicate turquoise.

Unique pictorial patterns that exude an utterly designer feel: this wallpaper is part of a line that combines graphic, artistic, freehand design and vector elements with rich, saturated colours that create both a vintage and more current allure, which is always in harmony with the lines and backdrops that boast unadulterated design, with a vintage feel. This is how spectacular wallpaper that meets the needs of a wide and varied range of moods and styles is created: every space, every room, every wall is embellished by a story, by inspiration and by graphic elements that have been designed for all kinds of rooms.

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  • Category: Nature
  • Code: TW0158-1
  • Colour: green
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    ➔ Fire safety

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