Numbers 01

Graphic Wallpaper

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Numbers 01 Graphic Wallpaper


Intense: Numbers is the artistic wallpaper from Tailorwall that boasts a numerical and print theme, giving rooms a cybernetic touch that is softened by the bronze tones. The repetition of real numerical sequences, in the guise of barcodes, provides a precise feeling of sequentiality to the motif, which is toned down by the fonts, some of which are severe, others graceful and which even include balloon styles. This wallpaper is for people who adore printing art, conveyed with a contemporary style and feel, that is almost steampunk and cyborg.

Wallpaper lettering: fonts, inkings, alphabets from around the world and characters and combinations of handwriting and prints. Indeed, lettering is a captivating motif, especially if vintage. It can become a pattern that brings together various graphic elements, creating a wallpaper line inspired by the world of calligraphy, with oversized combinations and symbols, numbers, barcodes, retro prints and stamps – both in freehand and calligraphy – to become the perfect elements for an industrial feel. Yet it doesn't stop there – we have barcodes, Dadaist-inspired lettering and ideograms, a metropolitan-inspired touch within a contemporary wallpaper drawn from one of the most popular themes within the world of design.

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  • Category: Lettering
  • Code: TW0060-1
  • Colour: brown
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