So deep 03

Geometric Wallpaper

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So deep 03 Geometric Wallpaper


A contemporary trompe l'oeil aesthetic and a play on infinite transparencies. The lacquered white columns repeat in a visual canon to play with symmetries, transparencies and light. So Deep is the wallpaper that recreates a spectacular repeating effect, adding depth to any room it is in through the fun detailing created around the purity, white tones and geometric rigour. It conveys an urban, architectural and utterly minimalist feel in which every compositional element has space to replicate. This is a wallpaper that will go beyond all your expectations.

Geometric details take form in the lines and nuances to create a simple, multi-faceted feel and interact via symmetries, lines and geometries. The linearity of the design combines with vibrant hues, incorporating intense colours, labyrinthine patterns, optical style and black and white accents to create a strong material effect, that even hints at ceramics, majolica tiles and enamels. A clean, nuanced style for all the transformation needs of the room being furnished: a wallpaper line that is able to provide an essential feel that provides a decorative punch to all spaces at the same time.

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  • Category: Decoration
  • Code: TW0123-3
  • Colour: pink
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