Soft Moonlight 04

Designer Wallpaper

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Soft Moonlight 04 Designer Wallpaper


Absolute and abstract: Soft Moonlight is the artistic wallpaper from Tailorwall that conveys a non-terrestrial world that is fantastic, imaginative and utopian. Taking its white hue from moonlight, the dappled pattern gently unfolds over the entire wallpaper, adding a pure and elegant milky white look. Its abstract quality makes this the perfect wallpaper for all rooms, as it will give them new levels of radiance and a dreamy, glamorous atmosphere.

Unique pictorial patterns that exude an utterly designer feel: this wallpaper is part of a line that combines graphic, freehand design and vector elements with rich, saturated colours that create both a vintage and more current allure, which is always in harmony with the lines and backdrops that boast unadulterated design. This is how spectacular wallpaper that meets the needs of a wide and varied range of moods and styles is created: every space, every room, every wall is embellished by a story, by inspiration and by graphic elements that have been designed for all kinds of rooms.

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  • Category: Material
  • Code: TW0069-4
  • Colour: pink
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