Stars 03

Stars Wallpaper

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Stars 03 Stars Wallpaper


Stars: the wallpaper for people who love all things celestial. The repeated all-over pattern seen in this wallpaper stands out with the use of different designs – polka dots, chequering, stripes, embossing and different colours, ranging from silver to beige. This creates a sense of rhythm and shaded detailing, poised between definite and soft, that provides glimmers of light over the midnight blue background of the wallpaper. Small details add iridescent accents, while the harmony between the night sky and its 'stars', which have been reinterpreted by Tailorwall's designer as solid and linear graphic elements, add an ethereal touch to every room.

Abstract compositions and contemporary, conceptual elements paired with intense colours, rips, wallpaper and print art exuding decidedly pop vibes straight from the end of the twentieth century. Collages feature calligraphy detailing, intense and watercolour-esque brushstrokes of colour and abraded repeated patterns, giving life to a mood that merges a myriad of contemporary accents ― optical, graffiti and vintage ― with urban art and symbolism. The result is a wallpaper that will adorn all spaces with a selection of nuances. These range from shades of grey, to metallic and material tones, to a veritable explosion of vibrant, bright colours that fuse beautifully with the design elements to create an abstract style that is profoundly artistic.

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  • Category: Kids
  • Code: TW0147-3
  • Colour: purple
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