Tahu 03

Designer Wallpaper

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Tahu 03 Designer Wallpaper


Tahu: the figurative, graphic and almost comic-like motif is the star of this wallpaper from Tailorwall. A combination of saturated, vibrant set colours brightens up this fantastic and fanciful wallpaper. Open and closed books repeat in a curious game of order-disorder that overflows with details, yet is immersed in a cartoon-esque world. The perfect wallpaper for adding a touch of intense nuance to rooms and providing contrasting detailing between the dark background and the vibrant colours that will liven up every wall with its undisputed originality.

Every detail of everyday life is transformed into a designer material that provides warmth, appeal and atmosphere, merging slim, graphic lines with a blend of colours that mimic Mediterranean ceramics. Shapes, engravings, shadows and materials layered on wallpaper with an original, deconstructed layout to provide a new paradigm of innovative style for the home and communal spaces. Books, suitcases, keys. Everyday objects that become purely decorative furnishings, albeit abstracted from their usual setting: silverware comes in an oversized print, teapots and glasses in orthographic projection, perfect for large kitchens. And there's even collages of bookcases, shelves, keys and plates that will brighten up a living room or an expanse of wall with its messy style.

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  • Category: Decoration
  • Code: TW0035-3
  • Colour: brown
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