The Big Apple 02

Metropolitan Wallpaper

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The Big Apple  02 Metropolitan Wallpaper


The Big Apple: Tailorwall's homage to the city that never sleeps. A wallpaper that recreates the metropolitan dream through its handcrafted, textured feel. It is a blend of the rich, detailed and vivid picture of New York and that of the fabric from which each Tailorwall wallpaper is impeccably made to a highly artistic and contemporary effect. With The Big Apple wallpaper, you will feel surrounded by the metropolitan feel provided by the tallest skyscraper in the city and able to decorate any room or wall with such an evocative scenic image.

Cities, views, architecture and maps: travel around the world. Landscapes, planispheres and maps for travelling around the world through these wallpapers. There are many options, ranging from skyscrapers to big cities, vaulted and with colonnades where an old-world feel merges with a modern vibe and the sharpness of the charcoal tones. Brightness, modern and urban black and white tones, vintage prints or antique shades of graphite and ochre give life to a wallpaper line that is oh-so versatile and embodies the genuine feel of travelling around the world. It has been designed for modern-day explorers looking for a cosmopolitan aesthetic on all their walls.

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  • Category: Travel
  • Code: TW0116-2
  • Colour: beige
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