Unripe 02

Industrial Wallpaper

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Unripe 02 Industrial Wallpaper


Regularity is given space in this wallpaper: Unripe is the wallpaper from Tailorwall that combines the intensity of the authentic, cold nuances that are almost grey and so often seen in worn-look cement. The result is a designer urban feel that is both geometric and linear at the same time. Adding an industrial touch to your rooms is easy thanks to this wallpaper that provides a tactile visual feel, which almost appears textured. You'll think that you can touch the bold, even pattern of this wallpaper with your own hands. The authentic highly-realistic blocks depict the roughest kind of modernity in the realism of the material, without sacrificing the trendy feel.

Textured, natural materials within a tactile-effect wallpaper that is utterly realistic. This is a wallpaper that harks back to the texture of wooded, cement, metal and marble spaces: the material lining envelopes walls and has been designed for rooms that play with different materials. There are sections of logs and painted planks, as well as red and white bricks and much sought-after marble patterns featuring white veining and luminous quartz and rough stones and weathered majolica tiles. This motif represents a highly-tactile experience, combining natural, realistic and three-dimensional details that are able to recreate a mood and produce walls that are almost tangible. The interior décor takes on a feel that combines the urban sphere with sophistication, while the natural accents, such as stone and wood, make it incredibly realistic.

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  • Category: Material
  • Code: TW0049-2
  • Colour: grey
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